Hillcroft is the place we live and work from indoor and outdoor studios, entertain friends and family and welcome clients and guests.

Along the journey, we've lived across the United States from upstate New York to the coast of California. Our artwork has been woven extensively throughout these years, always present, an integral part of our lives. Fifty-five years of marriage includes three grown married children, eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild. We invite you to participate in getting to know us through biographies, artist's statements and the artwork on this site.

Linda Brougher Shaffer---My work, the carving and finishing of wood, the fabric, beads and laces I love to collect and use; color; all are in response to nature, the essence and experience of it rather than the rendering of it. My voice has taken different forms through the years but the completed images are designed to share with the viewer a chance to contemplate, an opportunity to reflect. Undergraduate work at Indiana University of PA concluded with B.S. in art education 1959; I received the MFA in textiles at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 1990-93.  Through the years have been self-disciplined learning, related college course work, seminars and workshops.

Kenneth Shaffer---Imaging birds shaped of wood first began for me 2013 following up oil painting (see Barn Portraits) around 2011. For the fifty prior years I worked in watermedia (see Painting); about 1988 a first painting with tempera pigments cured in acrylic emulsion solution grew out of experimentation and continued to develop for the next twenty years.  I had my first solo exhibition of watercolors following graduation with B.S. in art education from Indiana University of PA, which is also when and where I met my wife, Linda (see Textiles, Birds).  In 1968 I graduated from Illinois State University M.S. in art preceded by graduate level study at San Jose State College 1963-64.

Gathering wood for birds and materials for their "environment" is part of our travels. This later effort has come naturally; RA has led Linda to a larger use of her hands and together we have enjoyed the new challenge of the bird sculptures. We are awed by the vastness and the detail created by the one who said I AM and consider ourselves products of His workmanship.